The MessageTrack application gives Mac, iPhone and iPad users possibility to have real-time communication via cloud communications service CONNECTOR73 or inside their corporate Zultys Unified Communications system.

If you need to send instant messages, SMS or have possibility to exchange of multimedia files and documents inside the cloud communication service CONNECTOR73 service or on a platform of Unified communication from Zultys, then MessageTrack created by us especially for you.

MessageTrack is pretty simple to use. The application provides for the Mac, iPhone and iPad users possibility to effectively use corporate communications solution, providing basic communication functionality such as real-time messaging, real-time presence, secure chat, notification alerts, dialing from the application and corporate directory access. MessageTrack provides ability to share your location with chat parties.

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XYZrd Group was established in 2010 in order to bring innovative products and technologies for new generation of computing devices to the marketplace worldwide.

The XYZrd Group is the developer of many applications and unique services for mobile device users who want to be in touch with digital world around us. XYZrd Group strongly focused on applications and services based on Apple platform (iOS and OS X devices) and cloud services based on Linux. We’ve tried to put in words the ideas that motivate us as a company, the things that make us a team instead of just a collection of people who happen to work in the same office.

The CONNECTOR73 is a suite of Easy to use business communications services – Our services can be specially tailored for each customer. All solutions are based on Zultys MX core, secure Linux and open standards of VoIP and RTC. You can use all of our services from mobile devices.